artist scraps & extensions

Living Room Product XV

artist scraps & extensions

a Living Room by Liquid Loft
with left overs from Jakob Lena Knebl & Ashley Hans Scheirl

Featured Artists 
Anna Maria Nowak, Dante Murillo, Dong Uk Kim, Hannah Timbrell, Katharina Meves, Luke Baio, Stephanie Cumming & Andreas Berger

Friday, Feb 4th 
19:30 Doors
20:00 artist scraps (Performance by Liquid Loft)
21:00 Live in concert: Tony Renaissance

Saturday, Feb 5th 
19:30 Doors
20:00 artist scraps (Performance by Liquid Loft)
21:00 Presentation: beyond the vivid – a nothing drone.dub-production by darrkstarr

Living Room / ehem. Gudrunkino
Laxenburgerstrasse 28-30
(corner to Gudrunstrasse, 14A oder U1 Keplerplatz)

Entry: limited places, first come, first serve
2G (mask inside)

Living Room Products
In the Living Room Products choreography not only leaves the usual theatre setting, but also the spaces society generally assigns to artistic practice. The Living Room Products are an experiment in new ways of working and were initiated to foster the development of new ideas and concepts. Artists of all different genres meet with the audience in a private living room atmosphere in the former Gudrunkino, now Liquid Loft’s rehearsal studio.

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ehem. Gudrunkino


ehem. Gudrunkino