perfect garden (living room)

living room product IV

Liquid Loft performs new fragments of the Perfect Garden

The Perfect Garden is an experiment with the growing co-existence of organic and anorganic bodies and objects. In collaboration with the visual artist Michel Blazy, depending on local conditions, some sort of garden is being layed out in different location for a ceratin period of time. Layer by layer, choreographies get stacked upon another, with occasional interferences, while the constituences will be mostly left to their own drift. Liquid Loft’s Studios are turning into a temporary Backyard Swamp. It radiates on the inside and on the outside.

photos: c. haring, c. haring, d. payr

Paris-based visual artist Michel Blazy pays attention to the small, unimposing things of daily life. With materials from building supply stores, agriculture stores and supermarkets, he develops micro-cosmical models, utopian scenarios like a Jules Vernes of the arts.

December 14th
Exhibition Opening with Michel Blazy & Andreas Spiegl.
Concert: The Very Pleasure (Oliver Welter / Fritz Ostermayer)
December 15th
December 16th
Performance Liquid Loft
Concert: Cherry Sunkist

living room products

In the Living Room Products, choreography not only leaves the usual theatre setting, but also the spaces society generally assigns to artistic practice. The Living Room Products are an experiment in new ways of working and were initiated to foster the development of new ideas and concepts. Artist of all different genres meet with the audience in a private living room atmosphere in the former Gudrunkino, now Liquid Loft’s rehearsal studio.


ehem. Gudrunkino


ehem. Gudrunkino


ehem. Gudrunkino