white spot on a darkroom

White Spot on a Darkroom takes a look at the concept of the “Third Place”, which means a neutral room for interaction outside of the work- or the living place. Its users go there, to enjoy relaxation and community feeling. Tolerance, polite conduct and open-mindedness towards others, their wishes and needs for communication are the basic rules of the game in these places. And flexibility is all-important – after all these Third Places are only temporary rooms: The people, who visit them, will always also leave them again. They are mobile, some of them are unstable. Their openness and permanent changeability sometimes lead to insecurity. Now, under conditions like this: how do encounters and interaction take place?


Tanzquartier Wien, AT


Premier on May 26th, 2009 Tanzquartier Wien
Concept: Chris Haring, Marlies Pucher
Sound: Andreas Berger (Glim)