imaging sound

living room product IX

Under the motto “imaging sound” three performances at the interface between analogue and digital sound- and visual arts are being presented at Liquid Loft’s studios in the former Gudrunkino. The trio Grill/Jeck/Lemieux will bring “images for the retina” onto stage, the rest “cinema for the ears”.


Rogelio Sosa (mx) / electronics
Mario de Vega (mx/de) / electronics
Angélica Castelló (at/mx)/ paetzold, electronics and tapes
dieb13 (at)/ ttt
Billy Roisz (at) / electronics
Burkhard Stangl (at) / guitars
Michaela Grill (at) / laptop
Philip Jeck (uk) / turntables
Karl Lemieux (ca) / 16mm film projectors

a co-operation between institut 5haus and Liquid Loft / living room

living room products

In the Living Room Products, choreography not only leaves the usual theatre setting, but also the spaces society generally assigns to artistic practice. The Living Room Products are an experiment in new ways of working and were initiated to foster the development of new ideas and concepts. Artist of all different genres meet with the audience in a private living room atmosphere in the former Gudrunkino, now Liquid Loft’s rehearsal studio.


ehem. Gudrunkino