lost in freaky evolution_L.I.F.E

lost in freaky evolution_L.I.F.E. is the newest stage piece by Liquid Loft after living in funny eternity_L.I.F.E. –  in an ongoing project in which the performers create and move in a hybrid world between stage performance and live video. A wide field of associations opens up. An array of psycho-happenings, identity and concealment spectacles, visions of the future, and ultimately questions of evolution are played out in dance and film.

From the grotesqueness of immeasurable time, we now move on to a heart-forming odyssey which takes place at an enraptured pace and with bizarre humor. But life, for all its cheerfulness, is also a tale of loss and a fantasy. That’s life! C’est la vie! And: La vida es sueño! Are we just dreaming all this?

In lost in freaky evolution_, the human body, reassuring itself of its existence through dance, resists with relish the negative spaces of a seamlessly networked world, the expansion of the data zone. But do we “really” exist, or do we only appear as phantasms in the unsteady gaze of a camera that we point at ourselves (and each other) in a selfie-ish manner? A dark narrative, derived from kaleidoscopic images and intense colour production, is hidden under the fragile layer of ambiguous gestures, all the fragments of language and sound. Only those who dare to explore the secret passages of life can hope to reach the next station. The Evolution will not be televised!

Dates: Premiere Nov 30th
Shows: Dec 1st + Dec 2nd

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01/12/2023 - 02/12/2023

Tanzquartier Wien, AT

30/11/2023 (premiere)

Tanzquartier Wien, AT


Dance, Choreography: Luke Baio, Dong Uk Kim, Dante Murillo, Anna Maria Nowak, Hannah Timbrell
Artistic Direction, Choreography: Chris Haring
Composition, Sound Concept: Andreas Berger
Light Design, Scenography: Thomas Jelinek
Theory, Text: Stefan Grissemann, Lyrics: Sophie Reyer
Stage Management: Roman Harrer
Companie Management/ Production: Cornelia Lehner
Videodocumentation: Michael Loizenbauer
Costumes: Stefan Röhrle
Distribution: APROPIC – Line Rousseau, Marion Gauvent, Lara van Lookeren

A co-production of CCAM / Scène Nationale de Vandœuvre and Liquid Loft in cooperation with Tqw und ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival
Liquid Loft is supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna (MA 7) and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Arts and Culture, Civil Service and Sport (BMKOES)