running sushi superdeformed

video installation

A video installation by visual artist Aldo Giannotti in collaboration with director of photography Viktor Schaider related to the performance Running Sushi by Liquid Loft presented during the ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival in Museumsquartier / Arena 21. The performance Running Sushi consists of 12 scenes, the order of which is selected by the audience. Giannotti filmed all scenes and devided the body of the performers on video in 3 parts: head, upper body, lower body. Putting the different parts together again allows to create new characters fitting very much into the manga topic.

16/08/2008 - 19/08/2008

Internationale Tanzmesse Düsseldorf, DE


Concept and Realisation: Aldo Giannotti
Presented at the Internationale Tanzmesse Düsseldorf 2006